Exercise Link to Lowering Risk of Heart Disease Found

Poor fitness in middle age is a risk factor for heart failure, often a consequence of not doing enough exercise as we age. A new study found two years of aerobic exercise training that progressed in intensity, four to five days a week, improved major flags in this area.

Regular exercise training may provide protection against the future risk of heart failure.

Participants’ routine included:

  • One high-intensity aerobic session.
  • Two or three days a week of moderate intensity exercise.
  • At least one weekly strength training session.
  • At least one long session of aerobic exercise a week, such as an hour of tennis, cycling, running, dancing or brisk walking.


They built up to those levels, beginning with three 30-minute moderate exercise sessions for the first three months after which high intensity exercise was included.

Sedentary behaviours - such as sitting (such as seen in the work environment) or reclining for long periods of time - increase the risk of heart disease, so get out there and do 150 minutes a week before you need to do more.