Link Discovered Between Walking and Cognitive Health

New research suggests a simple easy way to keep your brain in top shape as you grow older: take a moderately long walk every day.

The study shows that taking more than 4,000 steps each day can help to keep the brain healthy, supporting the overall resilience of cognitive functioning.

10 Ways to Increase Your Steps

  1. Start early by getting a steps in before noon.
  2. Substitute walking for normally sedentary tasks like surfing the internet, watching tv or talking on the phone. Walk around your room or walk in place.
  3. Take a walking break every couple of hours.
  4. Need to pick something up from another room? Add a detour like climbing the stairs.
  5. Going shopping? Park your car 1,000 extra steps away from the building.
  6. Walk 1,000 steps away from your house. You will be forced to walk 1,000 steps back.
  7. Make dates to destination walk to a coffee shop, a restaurant or shopping mall.
  8. Walk your dog.
  9. Meet a friend to go walking. You can catch up on your lives while getting exercise.
  10. Write down your step goal and document how far you walk every day.