What’s The Business Case for Improved Mental Health In The Workplace?

Great article in PP looks at this complex subject.

Great article in PP looks at this complex subject:

• Failure to address mental health issues costs the UK c£42bn a year
• Employers are responding with 37% planning to put a strategy in place
• But only 18% of employers support mental wellbeing through their benefit programmes.

How can employers reduce the risk?

1. Train managers to identify & act on signs someone may be struggling & direct employees towards appropriate support.
2. Ensure staff have realistic workloads & are not under undue work pressure.
3. Introduce formal wellbeing programmes to improve mental & physical health early
4. Employee Assistance Programmes can provide a forum to discuss issues including financial/mental health problems.
5. m-Health Apps/online tools can help if employees don't want to talk with a line manager.
6. Promote awareness of help & support & measure engagement.
7. Use data to focus on particular areas affecting the workforce & measure the impact of interventions.

Apparently only 25% of employers use data analytics to inform wellbeing strategy & only 15% measure ROI. Duradiamond Healthcare can help in all these areas. Speak to us today.