Success With A Capital ZZZ…

Fascinating McKinsey article on the organizational cost of insufficient sleep.

Study of leaders found:

• 46% believe that lack of sleep has little impact on leadership performance.
• 43% say they do not get enough sleep at least four nights a week
• 66% said they were generally dissatisfied with how much sleep they get, & 55% were dissatisfied with the quality of sleep.
• 47% felt that their organizations expect them to be “on” too long and too responsive to emails and phone calls.
• 36% said that their organizations do not allow them to make getting enough sleep a priority.
• 83% said their organizations did not spend enough effort educating leaders about the importance of sleep.

Companies should embed sleep training in a broader approach to wellbeing that takes in other topics, notably exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and energy management.

They should also amend policies to ensure employees get enough rest.

The organizational cost of insufficient sleep

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