Having A Strategy To Manage Workplace Stress Is Essential

Workplace stress can damage productivity, reduce effectiveness and increase employee turnover.

Excellent article on work-related stress makes some salient points:

Work-related stress can be caused by workload, bullying, threats and violence, lack of support and changes in the workplace – and with it poor communication.

Signs of work-related stress include absenteeism, irritability, signs of alcohol or drug abuse or other unusual behaviour. Other signs may be higher staff turnover in a particular team, complaints or grievances about a particular manager.

Of course, stress may not just be work-related: domestic issues can make employees less able to cope with everyday working life.

Having a culture that encourages workers to communicate about stress without fear of stigma,  confident in the knowledge they will be met with support and encouragement, is important.

Making time to talk to staff gives managers the chance to identify problems early on and address them.  If changes are planned in the workplace, talk about them and don’t spring surprises which may cause distraction and anxiety.

Having a strategy that minimises risk and detect problems early is essential.

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