A Clear Business Case For Investing In Employee Wellbeing

New survey shows employee mental health & wellbeing is directly linked to motivation, engagement and workplace performance.

Wellbeing can bring significant benefits to companies employing lean manufacturing processes, especially if the focus is on good mental health, resilience, autonomy and involvement at work. 

Productivity improvements of up to 10% can be seen.

Key findings:

  • 80% of companies see improving productivity as a reason for wellbeing investment

  • Employees in good health are three times more productive

  • Only 15% of companies assess work risk to mental health - just one in five invest in mental health measures.

Three key areas employers can focus on to maximise employee wellbeing:

  1. Job design: employees with control, autonomy and some discretion over what they do tend to be more engaged and productive.

  2. Employee involvement: workplaces with this tend to be higher performing.

  3. Employee engagement: with the organisation, its values and the job itself.

There is a strong correlation between high levels of psychological wellbeing at work, high levels of engagement and higher performance and productivity.