Should Construction Companies Review How They Look At Health?

Interesting take on health & safety in this important sector.

Health and safety at a physical level is a tenet of good practice in most construction companies. However, a new article considers whether or not the construction sector should address health hazards in the same way as they do physical risks.

By manufacturing offsite, hazards could be managed more effectively than when products are developed onsite by:

  • Reducing construction workers’ exposure to conditions such as occupational asthma, asbestosis, hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), hearing loss or COPD
  • Reducing the risk of workers developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Moving manufacturing processes offsite could reduce vibration risks as machines, rather than humans with tools, could be used to cut materials. It could also minimise workers’ exposure to dust.

However, if fewer tasks were carried out onsite, the potential for overuse injury could increase as rotation of tasks between employees might be infrequent.

Designing out risks and hazards at the start of the construction lifecycle is important, as well as providing a wider variety of standardised products so that offsite manufacture becomes easier and more convenient.

Government should lead a change in culture, by setting the expectation for major projects, e.g. that there are no risks to health.

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Construction should value health in the same way as safety

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