Are You Making Yourself Attractive To Cancer?

An important new report identifies ways to reduce your risk of cancer.

Cancer causes one in eight deaths and has overtaken cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death in many parts of the world.
An important new report looks at all the latest evidence on diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer and provides recommendations to reduce your risk of cancer.

Clearly, not smoking is essential and as is being careful not to be exposed to too much sun. Other ways to prevent cancer include:

  • Keep your weight within the healthy range (BMI 18.5-24.9) and avoid weight gain in adult life
  • Be physically active as part of everyday life – walk more and sit less
  • Eat a diet rich in wholegrains, vegetables, fruit, pulses and beans
  • Limit fast foods and other processed foods rich in fat, starches or sugar
  • Eat nor more than a moderate amount of red meat (three portions a week) such as beef, pork and lamb. Eat little, if any, processed meat
  • Drink mostly water and unsweetened drinks
  • For cancer prevention, it’s best to avoid alcohol
  • Aim to get your nutrition through food rather than supplements
  • For mothers, try to breastfeed your baby if you can
  • After a cancer diagnosis, follow your recommendations if you can.

Source: World Cancer Research/American Institute for Cancer Research. Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and cancer: a Global Perspective. Continuous Update Project Expert Report 2018

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