How Is The Construction Sector Coping ?

New survey into mental health in construction workers

The latest Construction News survey into mental health in the sector has some fascinating insights:

  • 30% have taken time off due to stress
  • Of these over 60% did not tell their employers the real reason
  • 24% have considered taking their own life with a greater number in working for smaller companies
  • There‚Äôs still a stigma about mental health (81%)
  • 57% have experienced mental health issues
  • 56% felt they had not received an appropriate level of support for their mental health issue
  • A high number of junior members of staff and graduates experienced mental health problems.

However, 67% of all construction workers felt mental health awareness had improved over the past 12 months.

There is clearly still work to be done to reduce the stigma or mental health and to help construction workers deal with mental health issues. Duradiamond Healthcare works with numerous large and small construction organisations and projects, offering mental health training and support for employers and their people. Speak to us today.

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