“A new benchmark for the industry”

"...an innovative step-change of approach to mental health and wellbeing."

We're delighted to announce that we have won the Health and Safety Ground Engineering Awards for our Mental health support at Hinkley Point C.

Duradiamond Healthcare (DHC) and Hinkley Point C (HPC) believe that we have an industry-leading commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of the construction workforce – and that is something that the judges agreed with.

“A new benchmark for the industry” is how one of the judges described DHC's work at HPC with another calling it an “innovative step-change of approach to mental health and well-being”.

With around 4,000 people working on the scheme, DHC and HPC recognised a need for a proactive approach to the workers’ mental health wellbeing.

A business psychologist was commissioned to undertake a site-wide mental health risk assessment. ­ The report highlighted that construction death from suicide is 10 times higher than accidents and 25% of construction workers have considered taking their own lives.

The risk assessment also showed that 60% of workers do not tell their employers if time off is mental health related while 42% of workers are currently living with or trying to cope with mental health issues.

Specifically, people felt lonely, disconnected and not part of the community and this is particularly prevalent at HPC where around 34% of the workforce live away from home.

The report also identified the fact that the greatest opportunity for improvement came from “recalibrating the relationship between those individuals involved in earthworks and civil construction from a purely financial transaction to that of an engaged and motivated community”.

Part of the response to those findings was the setting up of an onsite GP service, which operates four sessions a week to provide appointments and a drop-in service as around 34% of the HPC workforce live on site or nearby but are away from home.

The report showed that these people are four times less likely to engage with the NHS to meet their health needs, creating a significant health risk gap.

This is magnified by one of the Section 106 planning commitments placed on HPC, which says that the work should place minimal impact on local NHS services.

The onsite GP is able to prescribe medicines – with some available from the onsite pharmacy – and has established fast track protocols with local support agencies, for example, those involved with mental health support.

Developing a multi-activity approach, we brought together a number of initiatives. These included a mental health community buddy programme with 147 qualified mental health first aiders onsite; awareness training for managers and supervisors; and an HPC mental health wellbeing plan.

This multi-faceted/holistic approach, which is looking at organisational issues as well as those at an individual level, has ensured that there is a real commitment to creating a legacy impact that the 50,000 workers passing through Hinkley can take to their next jobs.

DHC and HPC have said that this legacy is being achieved through the carefully programmed and targeted initiatives that are designed to raise awareness, educate and train staff, while at the same time destigmatising mental health issues.

The judges said that the entry was a winner because it “demonstrated strong employee and supply chain engagement using multiple methods and media”.

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