Taking another step to address gender imbalance

"We need to disarm our gaze from othering, and the way we do this is to reflect the diversity of our world with the people behind the lens"

Iris Ng, Cinematographer

Duradiamond Healthcare is delighted to have become a corporate sponsor of Primetime, an organisation focussed on addressing the gender imbalance in the entertainment industry.

Primetime is an inclusive, supportive network and database of women working across pre-production, production and post-production.

By ‘women’, Primetime of course means all women (trans, intersex, and cis); all those who experience oppression as women (including non-binary and gender non-conforming people), and all those who identify as women.

Currently, men outnumber women 2:1 onscreen and 3:1 in some cases. To change the conversation onscreen we need to change the conversation behind the screen. Primetime aims to address the gender imbalance within the Entertainment one woman at a time by giving the Industry a simple tool to help it look at its hiring practices.

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