What We Do

We develop strong partnerships with our clients, getting to the heart of their individual challenges and needs, and designing an occupational health package tailored to them.

We work on site, online and across the UK to give you an integrated experience that works for your teams and your business. Our comprehensive range of occupational health services help businesses in all sectors reduce risks in the workplace, invest in health and wellness and boost workforce productivity.

Take a look at our occupational health services as well as our specialist services below, to see how we can help you do the same.

Occupational Health Services

Helping organisations and their colleagues navigate these challenging times, we offer:

  • Chief Medical Officer strategic advice on safe workplaces
  • COVID-19 clinical assessments
  • Webinars and bulletins
  • A range of COVID-19 testing options.

Our ‘Day One’ absence management and reporting services provide a consistent approach to accurately recording reasons for, incidence of and duration of absence. An initial nurse-based assessment for employees and pathways will transform how you capture and manage absence.

The service can be integrated with your occupational health service based on pre-agreed triggers.

Benefits of our ‘Day One’ absence management service include:

  • The saving accrued through absence reduction.
  • Clearly evidenced absence statistics and associated costs.
  • Increased manager compliance with return-to- work interview.
  • A reduction in manager time spent.
  • Increased employee accountability.

Casualty survival outcomes are significantly influenced by the quality of care administered on scene. We provide our clients with an extensive range of Emergency Response Services that are designed to improve the survival rates for those becoming ill and/or having an accident onsite. Our services can include:

  • Emergency Response planning, advice and scenario events.
  • The provision of trained First Responders with an A&E background.
  • The training of site-based First Responders to improve response times following an incident.
  • Pre-hospital care and treatment services.
  • Liaison and establishment of handover protocols with local NHS services.

We offer significant expertise in advising on the content, periodicity and in the planning and delivery of health surveillance and fit for work assessment programmes. Our experience includes delivering successful programmes of services to some of the most complex, geographically dispersed organisations across the UK.

Working in partnership with your health and safety and risk management teams, we deliver health surveillance and fitness for work medical programmes ensuring legislative and best practice compliance. This includes the prompt follow-up of any health issues raised through surveillance programmes.

Services are delivered on site to reduce employee non-productive downtime via visiting nurses and technicians as well as via our modern fleet of 16 mobile clinics which offer you a convenient consistent environment, irrespective of geography.

All services are designed and managed by our dedicated inhouse logistics team - removing the burden from managers.

Our Consultant Physicians have a wealth of experience of supporting public and private sector pension schemes through the provision of high quality, independent medical assessments and advice reports in relation to pension scheme criteria, supporting trustees to make informed, swift decisions relating to ill health retirement.

Our team of accredited specialist occupational physicians provide clear, robust and evidence-based advice, comprehensive to both a layperson and medical professional audience.

Job roles are constantly changing, and it can be challenging to manage the complexity of different medical conditions within the workplace. Our team of highly skilled occupational health experts offer you access to high quality advice to help manage cases of ill health effectively and promptly.

Our management referral service will give you:

  • Access to a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals, experienced at assessing and advising employees and employers to expedite swift return to health and work. These include remote as well as physical assessments.
  • High quality, specialist advice relevant to your workplace and policies (addressing all return to work barriers).
  • Telephone advice and support for managers to assist with case management.

Many cases referred to our occupational health team have a mental health component. Our specialist assessment and intervention help individuals to return to health and remain in work. We offer:

  • Expert management referral and case management support:
    • Mental health support programmes for awareness, education and training to spot the signs of mental ill-health and improve effectiveness managing them:
      Stress management
      Stress audits
    • Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)
    • Counselling
    • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
    • Specialist psychologist assessment and therapy
    • Mental health first aid at work
  • Management support to assist them to make practical adjustments and ensure the effective management of mental ill-health cases.

Over 30% of all cases referred to our team of healthcare professionals relate to musculoskeletal health. We offer multi-tiered support of advice and assessment. We also help with workstation and workplace assessments. Services are available throughout the UK.

We offer:

  • OH referral and advice on MSK cases.
  • Access to a UK wide network of clinically audited physiotherapy treatment, available at local clinics, on site, as well as innovative telephone and video-based approaches.
  • Functional restoration and rehabilitation programmes.
  • Multi-media education, training and awareness initiatives and services.

Improve corporate performance with our organisational psychological training and education services. These can be delivered onsite and digitally as standalone or integrated campaigns with other internal Learning and Development programmes.

  • Stress and mental health services:
    • Managing stress at work
    • Mental health first aid
    • Building resilience through positive psychology
  • Immediate care:
    • First Aid
    • Trauma and Medical Immediate Care Course(TMIC)
    • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Basic Life Support courses on health and wellbeing:
    • Wellbeing strategic development
    • STREAM health management workshop
    • Hydration, stress and pressure

We offer integrated primary care advice and services, with ‘executive’ style health screening and assessment services. These may be standalone services or integrated with wider OH and wellbeing services.

We can provide high quality 24/7, 'virtual' GP consultations, delivered by qualified and experienced GPs via phone or video. Our GPs can diagnose, prescribe and refer patients for further treatment where clinically appropriate. consultations cover the full range of conditions commonly seen in general practice and include advice on chronic disease management, minor illnesses, acute presentation of serious clinical conditions and general questions about prescriptions, travel and lifestyle.

All our GPs are on the NHS England Performers list and adhere to GMC Best Practice Guidelines for remote consultations and electronic prescribing. The service consistently achieved exceptionally high customer satisfaction results of between 95% and 98%.

We have extensive experience in advising on and providing work related immunisation, vaccination and pathology services. These are delivered onsite, in clinic or via voucher.

We help you to ensure all your employees who travel on company business are fit to undertake their journey and have been given the necessary immunisations, medical kits, health education and support. We can also arrange medical support for individuals who may be unwell or injured whilst working abroad.


  • Travel risk assessment and travel health advice.
  • Vaccination.
  • Provision of travel kits appropriate to destination.
  • Advice on overseas medical assistance.

Our wellbeing experts have developed and delivered several award-winning and innovative health education and promotion campaigns for various clients. Our approach delivers measurable benefits to employees and your organisation.

We offer:

  • A wealth of wellbeing and health education programmes delivered onsite by our physiologist and wellbeing teams, through your own wellbeing champions or digitally through our m-health apps and digital platforms.
  • An integrated approach to wellbeing with occupational health, learning and development services to help employees to manage specific life events, return to health after illness or simply to access information and support to help them reach their personal goals. We offer:
    • Consultancy advice and creation of wellbeing programmes.
    • Calendar of events.
    • Physiologist services/wellbeing advisor/support to your internal wellbeing champions.
    • Your choice of onsite, digital, information-based campaigns and collateral linked with national campaigns.
    • Management information and support for behavioural change programmes.

Sector Experience

Duradiamond Healthcare offers a wealth of expertise in designing and delivering occupational health and wellbeing services targeted to the specific needs of airports. Services are provided remotely as well as via embedded teams based on site tailoring support, assessment and advice to each key risk group including security, ground and aircrew, as well as those providing operational and support services in and around the airport.

We also provide Aviation Immediate Care training - one of our first responder training courses, and with clinics based at most of the UK’s major airports, we provide accessible services that reduce ‘down-time’ for individuals accessing our occupational health services.

We understand day-to- day operational challenges and work context in the charitable and third sector can be very challenging.

Our insight in your sector enables us to provide support to the rich diversity of your employees and promote organisational efficiency.

We will work with you to understand those challenges, design and deliver a service that looks after you most precious resource – your people – to protect the performance of your organisation.

Duradiamond Healthcare supports many of the UK’s largest and most complex construction projects. We monitor workforce health, assist with legal compliance and promote wellbeing throughout each construction phase. We provide primary care, health education and training, occupational health and wellbeing services targeted to the needs of each worker group.

Our specialist construction clinical team, led by Dr Chris Pugh, FFOM, design, resource and manage services to meet the requirements of each project. Services are delivered flexibly through embedded onsite teams, mobile health clinics, as well as via remotely based clinical teams.

We work with you to identify site health risks, ensure that employees stay healthy and fit, and work to evidence improvement in overall health and safety performance of each project. All services are supported by robust systems that enable good quality MI and analysis of health data.

Duradiamond Healthcare’s team offers expertise and experience of providing effective occupational health and wellbeing services to the power and utility sector. We support many of the UK’s progressive power and utility sector organisations with bespoke occupational health programmes helping to manage the diverse risk profile and geography of employee groups.

Our innovative occupational health and wellbeing strategies and services will support your compliance requirements and boost operational performance.

Our clinical team have experience of working with many of the UK's financial, professional and advisory service organisations.

We provide a mix of advice and assessment services tailored to the needs and demands of the professional and advisory service sector.

We take a partnership approach, integrating our services with employee benefits and internal wellbeing initiatives to promote a positive culture of health and wellbeing, helping individuals at all levels of the organisation to make informed lifestyle choices to remain well.

These specialist assessment and wellbeing services support your engagement programmes and help you to effectively manage the impact of ill health on the organisation.

We understand public sector resource, economic and service delivery challenges.

Our team of occupational health and wellbeing professionals offer relevant experience of supporting diverse public sector employers to minimise the impact of ill health on organisational efficiency by raising the profile of health and wellbeing which also improves engagement.

Where absence occurs, Duradiamond Healthcare offers cost-effective, flexible referral services providing access to competent clinicians who provide advice to the employee to help themselves return to health as well as specific advice to managers enabling them to promptly and effectively manage each case.

We align our services to the objectives of the organisation to unlock the value of the Occupational Health service.

Reduce risk, improve wellness and boost productivity with our occupational health services

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