Who We Are

We have been delivering occupational health services for 17 years, building our reputation for quality.

We’re proud to help our clients reduce absence, mitigate risk and boost their productivity through occupational health and wellbeing.

We have specialist expertise in a range of sectors including aviation, construction, charities and third sector, emergency services, engineering, manufacturing, professional services, public sector, retail and utilities.

We invest in the latest technology to bring you analysis and benchmarking as well as return on investment data, so you can see where your occupational health investment is paying off.

Our Values

Our core values of trust, honesty, integrity, and competency underpin everything we do.

We have worked hard to create a strong clinical development and governance environment, to establish our reputation as the employer of choice for only the best clinicians.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the most trusted healthcare provider in the UK by putting people first.


Our People

Duradiamond Healthcare is owned and managed by health and business professionals, giving us a deep understanding of our clients’ health and wellbeing strategies and services.

We bring together multi-skilled clinical and customer services professionals, supported by an infrastructure of performance-assured IT and Quality and Governance.

Developing Talent

Our mission is to put people first.

One way we do this is by seeking to provide a range of youth and disability employment opportunities through a range of schemes (Movement to Work and Disability Confident Committed), apprenticeships, work placements, nurse training programmes and being an Approved Specialist Registrar Training Post.

We continually seek to find new ways to introduce new talent into our business, who might not otherwise have been given the opportunity to work and train with us and we always advertise new posts internally so everyone has the option to grow in their careers and skill development at Duradiamond.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Duradiamond Healthcare has chosen to support our local and national communities by providing a range of support to local charities and community groups through our skill and time.

"We care deeply about the impact we have on our environment and have a number of initiatives to reduce our annual carbon footprint".

"A number of these schemes are accredited, but all are the result of our amazing people and teams going out of their way for others every day".

"Duradiamond is committed to providing our services in a sustainable and responsible way and making a difference in our community".

- Jac Crang, Governance Director

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives 

Through shared and individual accountability, we will:

  • Integrate sustainability and corporate responsibility into every facet of our internal and external operations.
  • Build trusted quality relationships with our customers, business partners and employees.
  • Treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves; with respect, honesty and professionalism.
  • Ensure all our business affairs are conducted with integrity, diligence and transparency.
  • Create ‘shared value’ by making a practical difference to the diverse society in which we operate.
  • Build our growth on an ethical, sustainable and environmentally sound framework.
  • Support and develop the community in which we operate; upholding all labour standards, human rights and ensuring a positive economic impact.
  • Do the right thing, not because we should, but because we want to.
  • Continually strive to improve in the arena of corporate social responsibility.

Statement on Modern Slavery from Duradiamond Healthcare

Modern slavery is defined as the illegal exploitation of people for personal or commercial gain. Duradiamond Healthcare are committed to the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and although we are not yet a ‘qualifying business’ (as we are below the minimum requirements of publicly reporting) we have produced the following statement to confirm our abhorrence of slavery, bonded labour, human trafficking or any other form of coerced labour in our own business and that of our supply chain.


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Duradiamond Healthcare and AquAid

We are proud to support AquAid, bringing lifesaving water to communities across Africa.

Learn more about our investment and the creation of our very own 'elephant pump'.

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Clinical Governance 

Duradiamond’s clinical governance embodies the attributes associated with a quality management system; consistently achieving high standards, monitoring and management of risk and a constant requirement to improve.

Our clinical governance incorporates:

  • Clinical leadership reflecting best practice professional standards and sharing experience and innovation to increase competency.
  • Ensuring all clinicians undertake appropriate continual professional development.
  • Ensuring all clinicians are involved in a recognised appraisal and revalidation programme.
  • Ensuring all clinicians, and those involved in the processing of medical data, are compliant with the ethical and legal requirements.
  • Regular clinical audits including ‘condition’ management, individual practice, advice and consistent protocol adherence.
  • Ensuring external feedback is reviewed and communicated appropriately.
  • Investigating any complaints or concerns thoroughly and in a transparent manner, addressing poor performance, clinical practice concerns, unacceptable conduct or health issues, if appropriate.
  • Undertaking regular risk management reviews.
  • Safeguarding clients’ employees, vulnerable adults and children.
  • Ensuring secure record management and confidentiality is maintained.

Awards, Press and Accreditations

Achieving and maintaining consistently high standards throughout the company are crucial to our success and reputation.

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